Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You will never leave me alone again

O love of mine

I adore your words

When you say ‘you will never leave me alone’

And I am holding to your words

Like a little child who has gripped her mother’s hand

With a fear of getting lost in this selfish, cruel, unkind, loveless and monstrous world

the world that has gone astray

Because her mother is the source of love and care against the vulgar disparity of life


I don’t want to be left alone, unloved and unwanted

I gain strength from your love

As it runs like electricity in my veins and becomes very essence of myself

And feels like I have got wings to fly

Now I can touch the distant worlds that are mysterious and beautiful

Yes, as if I can seek joy in lonely places

Yes, I am flying without any fear of falling on earth

Because I know if I fell on the ground

O love of mine

You will not let me fall

You will rescue me and hold me in your arms

Yes, you will hold me in your arms

And you will never leave me alone again!!