Monday, July 12, 2010

She is still there, still waiting

He left her there, all alone
She is still there, still waiting
Drifting memories keep coming back to her
Acceding her rave with divergence of her past and present
The past carries the cherished days

The days when he loved to be lost in her eyes
There were fights and sorrows
But every fight or pain never lasted longer
As it dissipated in hugs, laughter and joy
Love was life and freedom
Now he is gone with a promise to return
She is alone there, still waiting
Asleep, awake, by night or day

Hours flying by, days pass into months
Waiting for him is a special affair
Reminiscence is her best refuge
A source of happiness for her un-satiated soul
A Reminder of being alive
A hope for her desperate heart
That there will be a day when they will meet again

She awaits for him all day and night
But in her heart, also abode her fears
The fear which is her worst nightmare
What if he does not come back?
Like all those promised phone calls he never made
What if all her wait goes in vain?
Her fear and hope, her past and present
She is still there, still waiting