Friday, April 30, 2010

Where is my teacher?

" I am in school today to study but our teacher is absent for the last two days", says this beautiful little girl who was playing in the school with other girls because their teacher was absent . True, many teachers in remote villages of Punjab either arrive at least two-hours late to school or remain absent without any prior information simply because there is no check and balance in place. Teachers' frequent absenteeism in schools definitely have serious repercussions not only on delivery of education but also on the objective of keeping these girls' students in schools. Currently, poor parents, in remote areas such as Rohjan Tehsil, District Rajanpur, despite their poverty are sending these girls' to school only because they want their daughters to be educated. But teachers' absenteeism could let parents think otherwise. Are we going to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of Universal Primary Education by 2015 with frequent teacher absenteeism in schools of remote areas? Who is accountable here?? Government? School Teachers? 

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