Monday, May 24, 2010

As I let myself sink

Walking on this never ending dark alley
Do I Know Where I am?
And where are you?

Weren’t you there a while ago?
Standing besides me, holding my hand
Smiling and crying
Promising me to never leave me alone
Or was it just a dream?

What am I doing in this dark alley?
Looking for those lost moments?
Searching for you, your smile and your promises
Drowning myself in my own tears
Where are you? I look again

I close my eyes
I see some light
And I saw you standing there
Saying good-bye
You turned around with apathy, Ah, and I saw you go

Don’t leave me, I hear myself crying
You did not hear that
You are too hurriedly walking away; yes away from me
Something breaks inside me with a bang
Something bleeds too
And I stand like a stone while you disappeared in the dark

Yes, it is dark inside too; I don’t know why
I open my eyes to find hope outside
Ah, I am in that purgatory dark lane again
Guarded by my own tears,  and my own sorrow
Numbness creeps inside me

I succumb myself to water 
Letting myself sink deep down there
Remembering (Ah, memory)
Once you said
“I am water and you are fire”,
I let myself sink in water
Because water is you…..

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Anonymous said...

So I come across your poetry....!
You write well, both verse and prose. Writing is contributing to life; our and others life. Keep it up. A