Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Every day I like you a little bit more 
says the man 
who has recently fallen in love yes, with me 
my heart becomes ecstatic ( my brain says how foolish is my heart... ) 
when his words enter through my ears into my veins 
and getting mixed with my blood 
rush through every cell of my body like some electric shock and jolt my brain 
who in a frenzy reminds me of another man of my past 
who loved me once 
but left me with a broken heart ( and my heart did infact bleed then... ) 
and it took me years or may be ages ( yeah, it is such a distant memory and I consider myself too old now ) 
to recollect my self 
and built as I am now 
a strong woman 
who won't allow anyone to treat her as a pain body 
and let inflict more pain upon her 
yeah, but my brain thinks this is the half truth 
I am not as strong yet as I pretend to be... 
Does my brain work faster than those electric shocks which run through my body when I listen to or read his words ( yeah, the one who says every day he likes me a little bit more ) 
I am not sure though.. 
but these days I ignore the red alerts issued by my brain ( my brain thinks I am ready to be fooled again ) 
and prefer the peace and quiet of his warm embrace ( yeah, nothing more and nothing less )
cos after a long time
I am a feeling being again
yeah, after a long time....

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a said...

In a recent dream I had I was wandering through a forest
Fog everywhere, not knowing where I am
Everything blurred, impossible to take anything into closer focus
Then, someone else, at first distant, but coming closer
There is no rustling u would expect in a forest
The other is wafting slowly and calm into my direction
Sometimes the other is disappearing behind trees but then turning up again
I feel no fear, is it someone I know?
Can’t be sure, I cannot recognize the other, only the vague silhouette of someone else
The other is now very close
Then, abruptly, time is frozen, everything stops concentrating in one moment
No noise, no thought, no move, no word, just her dark-brown eyes
Beautiful, peaceful, warm, intimate and yes, familiar
I am feeling no more ground under my feet
No more forest around us, only empty space
I am paralyzed, lost in her eyes
My brain cannot think, a deeper layer of my mind took control over it
A layer buried so deep in my self that my brain doesn’t allow me to access it in reality
Then, suddenly, a voice, very quiet, difficult to understand, more like a whisper
The voice doesn’t come from outside it is coming from inside my self
It sounds like ‘You found Her’
I wake up, I turn my head, I am looking in her beautiful, dark-brown eyes…again.